Since the time the concept of Bitcoins first came into being in 2009, the popularity of this crypto currency or digital currency has spread to all countries and corners of the world. This is in spite of not being linked to gold standards like traditional currencies and being outside the monitoring purview of federal agencies and Governments.

Transactions in Bitcoins do not have any physical exchange of notes or tokens. This leaves large sections of the population wondering how receipts and payments are made using Bitcoins and from where do Bitcoins come from. The latter is the point that we are really interested in.

Our blog site bitcurl.me is dedicated exclusively to the earning of Bitcoins. The oft repeated question made to us is that from where can Bitcoins be had and the processes involved in it, more so since it is not a physical entity.

To help our readers go past these mysteries, we invite bloggers with adequate knowledge and expertise on Bitcoins to write in to us so that our readers will be more than enlightened in this field.

Some of the topics that can be touched upon are creation of Bitcoins and the process of “mining” for Bitcoins. While it is true that it is a highly technical and complicated process, bloggers can break down the complexities and present the process in simple layman terms. This will surely benefit those looking for authoritative and credible blogs on the niche of earning Bitcoins.

Any write-up in this regard will be welcomed by us.